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Junior Youth Groups

guidance for the youths

Our Junior Youth program is aimed at children aged 10 to 15. These youths are encouraged to study the holy writings and participate in community activities and projects.

The program involves a holistic approach to education based on the guidance provided by the Ruhi institute. The group gets together regularly, studies the workbook provided is exposed to a wide variety of fields / industries (from the arts to sports and anything else that can help them to grow and develop as individuals, preparing them for the adult world), and works together to manage a community service project of their own choosing.

Some of the workbooks available for study are:

Bk1: Breezes of Confirmation Available
Bk2: Walking the Straight Path Available
Bk3: Drawing on the Power of the Word Available

We currently have Junior Youth groups in the following towns & villages:

  • (list coming soon)

There's a Junior Youth group comming soon to your area.

For more information on Junior Youth groups in your area, you can contact:

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