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Study Circles

Study circles are a sequence of courses aimed towards training youth and adults (everyone 15 years old and above) to have a positive impact on society. These books are work books that are meant to be studied  and discussed with a group. Each book brings with it a required practical element.

Although the books themselves are based on the Bahá'í writings, they are open to people of all religions, and different religious belief systems may be discussed in relation to the topics in hand.

Study circles are currently available in just about every community across the country.

Book Title

Units / Topics

Practical Elements

Availability / Contact

Ruhi Bk 1:

Reflections on the life of the Spirit

  • "Understanding the Bahá'í Writings";
  • "Prayer";
  • "Life and Death"
  • learn a prayer;
  • share a prayer with a friend;
  • host a prayer meeting.



Ruhi Bk 2:

Arising to Serve

  • "The Joy of Teaching";
  • "Deepening Themes";
  • "Introducing Bahá'í Beliefs"
  • visit a few friends / families and share what you've learnt


Ruhi Bk 3:

Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 1

  • "Some Principles of Bahá'í Education";
  • "Lessons for Childrens Classes, Grade 1";
  • "Conducting Classes for Children"
  • teach / assist in teaching a childrens class.


Ruhi Bk 4:

The Twin Manifestations

  • "The Greatness of this Day";
  • "The Life of the Báb";
  • "The Life of Bahá'u'llah"
  • visit a few friends / families and share what you've learnt of the history of the Faith.


Ruhi Bk 5:

Becoming Animators of Junior Youth Groups

  • "Envisioning their potential"
  • "Their Challenges and immense possibilities"
  • "The Curriculum and management of Junior Youth Groups"
  • animate / co-animate a junior youth group.


Ruhi Bk 6:

Teaching the Cause

  • "The Spiritual Nature of Teaching";
  • "The Qualities and Attitudes of the Teacher";
  • "The Act of Teaching"
  • design and implement your own personal teaching plan;
  • participate in a teaching campaign.



Ruhi Bk 7:

Walking Together on a Path of Service

  • "The Spiritual Path";
  • "Becoming a Tutor of Books 1-6"
  • "Promoting the Arts at the Grassroots"
  • talk to friends, family and acquaintances and form a study circle with them - take / tutor them through atleast one book in this sequence of courses.


Ruhi Bk 8:

The Covenant

  • "The Covenant of God";
  • "The Covenant of Bahá'u'llah"

in development

Ruhi Bk 9:

Family Prosperity

  • "Bahá'í family Life";
  • "Giving: The Spiritual Basis for Prosperity"


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