Frequently Asked Question
What does the Bahá'í Faith offer that is different to other religions?

One of the main things that is different about the Bahá'í' Faith is it recognizes the unity of God: - that there is only one God (the source of all good); that as we are all part of His creation, there is only one race of men, the human race; and that since He loves his creation, he has continued to guide us through the ages via revealed religion; and so we recognize and respect all revealed religions. Each revealed religion builds our spiritual understanding and there are many similarities in their Teachings. Each revealed religion also brings guidance and social laws which are relevant to the social situations of that stage in the development of human society. In this aspect there are some differences between the Teachings of the different religions.

There are many social teachings of our faith that differ from those of other religions, for example our social teachings include guidance on consultation and social justice.