Frequently Asked Question
Are there any laws that would affect my personal lifestyle?

Of course! Every religion has laws to guide mankind towards a higher state of consciousness and well-being. Bahá'í's are expected to follow the laws of daily prayer and reading from the Holy Writings and to be faithful to the covenant of Bahá'u'llah. All Bahá'í's between the ages of 15 and 75 are also required to fast (from all food and drink) annually from March 2nd to 20th (inclusive) during the hours of sunrise to sunset. Bahá’í’s are also asked to abstain from slander, conflict, pre-marital and extra-marital sex, alcohol and other non-medicinal drugs. Bahá'í's are expected to focus their energies on continuing to learn and advance themselves spiritually and academically, and provide what ever service to the community they can, for their personal development and also for the upliftment of society. There are also several Bahá'í meetings to attend.